Barnard Vermont

Barnard VT is a town in this region that you really need to see.  It is a place of remarkable and hypnotic charm.  You will follow winding valley roads through lush, green mountains to get to this beautiful spot nestled alongside a glistening Vermont State Park, Silver Lake.  Barnard Vermont is a quintessential Vermont farming community filled with history, peace, and serenity.  But the town also offers an atmosphere of sophistication and elegance.  Here, there is easy access to all of the assets of central Vermont, all of the possibilities of major metropolitan areas, and the allure of the rest of the world.  Secluded and secure-- but not isolated-- Barnard VT offers the perfect balance of peace, quiet, connection, and community.


Agriculture, it's the human dance with nature.  It's a story of soil and roots, of cultivating and culture, and a story of community, food and history.  The town of Barnard includes land that has been tilled for centuries, gardens that are planted for pleasure, and farmland that now benefits from the innovation and creativity of modern farming practices.  You'll see signs of farming all over town-- Doton Farm, Kiss the Cow, On the Edge, Fable Farm, Heartwood Farm, Eastman Farm-- and many more tiny enterprises sprinkled throughout Barnard as well.  Mil, cheese, beef, pork, and poultry, fresh eggs, and heirloom vegetables are all available here.  In Barnard, you can shop locally, eat locally and thrive locally.


It may be somewhat surprising to find elegance and sophistication in Barnard's truly rural environment.  And it's the surprise that makes this serene atmosphere even more of a pleasure.  Barnard has been home to many notable citizens, many generations of Vermont families, and many new residents living in concert with one another and with nature.  Extraordinary privacy is afforded to all of the town's population.  It is simply part of the culture here.


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